It’s time to block hate online

Go back to ur country
Take that bedsheet off your head
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I have your address... watch ur back
Everyone @ school knows ur gay
Thx for bringing us the China virus 😷

Hate speech and racism are things that have always been with us. But online, they’re allowed to spread without any regard for the violence and trauma they bring to the lives of Canadians.

78% of Canadians are concerned about the spread of hate speech online – with young people aged 18-29 being far more likely to have experienced online hate than other Canadians.

The hate is not all equal – while all genders experience hate online, 7 in 10 people who experience police-reported forms of intimidation online are women and girls, and it must end.

A violence-free future in today’s digital landscape starts with a harm-reduction approach to tackling online hate speech. Together, we can ensure Canadians are better protected from the racism, sexism, homophobia, incitements of violence, sexual harassment, and physical threats that proliferate online.